What if the number on the scales meant...

What if the Number on the Scales Meant... 

Experience the“Body Harmony” Process 

...to Naturally Have the Shape You Want, Love Your Body and Access the Pleasure of Being You – (it might seem counterintuitive at first, because it completely removes the need for willpower, obsessing, emotional eating or guilt!)

How I lost 10 pounds —
totally by accident — whilst
running my own programme
for Body Harmony!

For most women, it’s a part of daily life: 
Look in the mirror and hear that voice in your head blabbing on about your flaws:
Too much cellulite. Saggy boobs. Gross tummy. Flabby arms. Massive arse. 
And then, something snaps. We can’t bear to hear that voice for another second…
We decide, “I’ve HAD IT! I’m going on a diet.”
And then the routine begins: calorie counting, gluten-free, rice cakes, cottage cheese, “oh, I’ll just have a salad, thanks.”
The hunger rumblings begin. But seeing the number on the scales start to drop is enough to keep you in the loop, just about…
“I’m doing it!” You might think, and you feel good about yourself because you were able to pause your cravings.
But then… (you might know what happens next…)

The inevitable CRASH. You’re tired one day and the easiest thing is to just eat some crisps.

Or the kids are snacking on pizza and just one slice won’t be so bad.

Or you had a horrible day, and the chocolate is calling to you with the promise of gooey, delicious comfort. 

And it feels like all of your willpower and all your hard work has gone down the drain. 

You just couldn’t do it. 

And the voice comes back, louder than ever: “You SEE? I was right all along... you’ll never have the body you want.”

If this sounds familiar...I get it

I spent most of my life struggling with my weight. 
It’s ironic because at 17 I became a plus-size model and earned a great living from embracing my curves. 
But in a lot of ways, it was confusing
At home, I wanted to be skinny like my friends who were all a UK dress size 6-10. I would yo-yo between binge-eating or binge-gyming and create ridiculous habits like just living off fruit on weekdays. There was no in-between.
Then in my work life, I was the smallest of the plus-sized models and constantly told I wasn’t big enough.
Soon, I was signed in London and New York and started travelling all over the place. In the midst of feeling conflicted about my looks and my size, my career took off. 
As it did, my inner doubts continued. I would alternate between eating really healthily and bingeing on anything and everything that I wouldn't normally allow myself. 

As my career got bigger and better, I travelled more and more and started living in New York. Yet I also felt fat, unhealthy and disconnected. I always thought there was something wrong with me. Like everyone else was having better lives; better sex, better gym routines, better eating habits. Basically, better at everything. And I was useless. 
Eventually, I quit modelling (at the height of my career) and went on a journey to find what was missing in my life; hoping to fill the void that had been there for so long. 

The journey took me to India, Bali, Thailand, Myanmar… And on the way, I learned not only about health and nutrition…
I discovered WHY I had struggled so much with my weight and my body over the years. 
More importantly, I learned how to break free and move from suppression to EXPRESSION. Reclaiming all the abundance and pleasure I didn’t even know was available. 

It’s Never Really About the Food!

On my self love journey, one of the most important things I learned is that it’s never really about the food
Which means that the answer can’t be found in cutting calories or going keto or paleo or gluten-free or whatever faddy diet is in vogue.
I can’t tell you how many times I told myself if I only had enough willpower, I would be able to stick to whatever eating plan or diet I was on. 
Maybe you’ve told yourself the same thing.  

It’s Never Really About the Food!

On my self-love journey, one of the most important things I learned is that it’s never really about the food. 

Which means that the answer can’t be found in cutting calories or going keto or paleo or gluten free or whatever the fad diet of the day is.

I can’t tell you how many times I told myself if I only had enough willpower, I would be able to stick to whatever eating plan or diet I was on. 

Maybe you’ve told yourself the same thing

But what if I told you...

...that you didn’t NEED willpower in order to slim down and get to the size you want? 

What if, simply by loving yourself, your body would be able to get back into harmony and a healthy size (oh and that multiple orgasms are just an added bonus [insert emoji winky face])…

Without being beaten into submission by your inner mean girl.

It’s possible because I’ve done it... and I’ve shown thousands of women how to do the same

Let Me Clear This Up...

Self love is NOT about letting yourself go and ignoring the number on the scales...

It’s actually the exact OPPOSITE. 

Because once you do the work... and you REALLY love yourself

Your body will NATURALLY get into harmony. 

You won’t need to obsess, worry, comfort eat and feel guilty…

Stuck in the cycle we all probably know so well. 

You’ll be okay with the number on the scales, not because you’re ignoring it, but because it’s the RIGHT number for you and, anyway, you’ll be far too busy revelling in all the pleasure you’ve untapped as the lighter, more expressive, sassier you! 

And I want to invite you to go on a journey with me over three months to make that happen

3 Months...
Starting 4th April 2021

to Get into Balance, Love Your Body, and Finally Make Peace with the Number on the Scale!

We’ll meet once a fortnight on a live group session, and in between there will be exercises and fun challenges for you to do. Getting the most out of the programme means being on the calls live as much as possible and actually DOING the work (makes sense, right?).

Letting Go and Setting Up for Success

We’ll start off by “clearing the clutter” in our homes so we can start fresh, and clear the clutter from our bodies as well... This sets the foundation to build new and powerful beliefs once the old crap is cleared out.

Allowing Emotions and Pleasure

A simple game that lets you easily identify and clear any “stuck” emotions that are keeping you in bad patterns, so that it becomes easier to naturally make better decisions and access pleasure.

Blasting Through Limiting Beliefs

My 8-step process to “reset” your beliefs so that you can choose to leave the past behind once and for all. This is a loving and gentle process that brings tons of a-ha! moments and heals unhealthy conditioning around sex, money, body image and the female anatomy. 

Pattern Interrupts

How to identify the triggers for our ineffective patterns and replace them with new healthy patterns that WE choose - positivity, pleasure, and self love.

Mirror Work 

This guided session will give you the tools to see yourself in a completely different light - this is one of the most powerful sessions and for good reason! Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a masterpiece! 

Manifestation Magic for the Future

Putting it all together to anchor your vision for the future – now that your body is in harmony, what do you want? We’ll use sex-magik to create a vision so that it all comes together! 

Here’s What People are Saying About this Experience

Transformation Highlights

One lady, Ruth, used to have every mirror in her house covered up because she couldn’t bear her own reflection. She hadn’t been on a date for five years, since her divorce. Her confidence was at an all time low. Two weeks into the course she had already manifested a date! It was love at first sight. She felt amazing in her body and they started living out some of her greatest fantasies. Mirrors were back in action, just like her ;-). 

Another lady, who had been too scared to ask for a pay rise, felt so supported and encouraged by the group that she went for it. Not only did she get the pay rise, but it more than paid for her investment in the course, with some left over for her new empowered wild-woman wardrobe

Another woman felt emboldened enough to go for her dream job. She got the job, even in a pandemic, and the bonus was a third more pay!

Spots are Limited! 

Working with me 1:1 is a five-figure investment, but I know not everyone has the resources to do that - and I usually have quite a long waitlist to work with me privately!
Because spaces are limited, and this is a small and intimate group with a super-positive vibe, the programme is by application only, and the investment is in line with the level of attention and coaching that you’ll receive. 
So, if you’re excited about getting back into harmony, the next step is to apply. We’ll then have a chat before the programme opens on 4th April to see if this is the right fit for you. 

Oh, One More Thing!

An interesting “side effect” of this programme is that when we start focusing on getting your body back into her natural harmony
The effects spill over to ALL areas of your life, including your relationships (say YES to more bedroom time ;-)), your business and career (say YES to a pay-rise, new job, more clients, more abundance), and the confidence to GO FOR your goals and dreams. 
Give yourself permission to finally step into your power. And KNOW that the investment will return to you quickly in the form of your health, vitality, happiness, love, and prosperity - in all kinds of ways you may not even realise yet!

© Gina swire 2021. All rights reserved.